A Year of Ballet Playing Cards

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Clip of the piano score of a polonaise by Zieher, one of the pieces of free piano music for class
A polonaise by Ziehrer: one example of the free piano music for ballet class available from this site

A year of ballet playing cards is a project that provides 52 pieces of free piano music for ballet class, together with explanations and descriptions of each piece, links to recordings and to related music. For more information, see the long description of the project here.  Below is a list in date order of each post so far.


8 responses to “A Year of Ballet Playing Cards”

  1. Sarah avatar

    Thank you SO much! I am always looking for new music to play for class and this is extremely helpful!!

    1. Jonathan Still avatar

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you’re finding it helpful!

    2. Heather O'Day avatar

      Thank you SO much. I haven’t played for a class in many years and here I am this summer playing for advanced barre classes… My bg is in playing “actual” choreographed pieces for opera summer stock so this is SO helpful to see examples of class music.

      1. Jonathan Still avatar

        Thanks so much for the feedback, much appreciated! So glad you found this helpful!

  2. Paolo Tagliapietra avatar

    I discovered just today your blog and I really NEED to thank you. I’m confident I’ll find here perhaps not the answers, bun surely the right questions I have to ask to me everyday in my daily work. A collegue from Rome

    1. Jonathan Still avatar

      Thanks for the nice feedback. I’m still asking the questions myself, so comments always welcome!

  3. Keyla Orozco avatar
    Keyla Orozco

    Hi, just got from a colleague the link of your site. I am new in this world of accompanying ballet classes. I love your site! It is very ingenious the way you did this and of course it is very useful for people like me. Thanks so much! And please keep the sense of humor!

    1. Jonathan Still avatar

      Hi Keyla, thanks so much for the great feedback, glad you like it and find it useful. Hopefully the sense of humour won’t go away 😉

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