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Piano score for the Talisman pas de deux coda (waltz)
Click to download the score

This is probably the nicest and most useful waltz for grand allegro I’ve found in a long time. It just sounds like ballet. You can use it straight off the shelf, and it’ll work instantly, and I love it.

The same goes for the adage from the Talisman pas de deux (my last entry) which I tried out in class today. It sounds just like all the things teachers seem to have in their heads when they mark adages, yet so few pieces actually deliver.

It also has within it a brilliant example of the difference between “normal” waltz metre and truly triple metre. The first and last sections are in “normal” waltz metre, i.e. in what we could otherwise notate as 6/8, with a weaker second main beat of the bar, whereas the middle section is truly triple, with accents every three. It’s hard to think of a better example to make the point with.

It’s not the cleanest score I’ve produced, but I’m trying out my little Akai LPK25 for the first time, and getting used to using laptop commands (i.e. without a numerical keypad)  for a big editing job in Sibelius. It’s hard work, but I’m so glad to have finally done what I’ve been meaning to for years, and buy a little touring keyboard for inputting scores. I remember reading once that Czerny had so many projects on the go that he’d have a room full of desks with a project on each, and go round each one for an hour each, and then move on to the next one. It hasn’t got to that yet, but I found myself rather naturally using one side of the table for PhD work, and the other side for playing work. It makes it so much easier to put things down when I get in.

Image of laptop and mini MIDI keyboard
My desk in the apartment in Prague where I input the Talisman pas de deux coda


2 thought on “A year of ballet playing cards #20: A luscious big waltz (Talisman coda)”
  1. Dear Jonathan
    I hope you still remember me..
    we met in Prague ballet mastercourse in 2018.
    I was sitting next you to learn how to play the piano for ballet.
    In 3 weeks I’m going to have graduation performance exam with my class.
    Your website literally helps me so much!
    Thank you.:))

    I hope you’re well and staying safe.
    Looking forward to hear your piano again soon!

    1. Of course I remember you very well! I’m so glad to hear the website helps you, and hope we can meet again IRL soon! Good luck to you and everyone with the graduation performance.
      I’m well, vaccinated and staying safe, hope you are fine too!

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