Transcription services

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Picture of transcription services set up: computer, headphones, footpedal, keyabords.
A typical day at the transcribing office.

As some posts on this site might suggest, I also offer audio transcription services, either from recorded music to music notation,  or from audio to text. 

Contact me using the form below with details of your project, but for a rough idea:

Rough price guide for transcription services

For music transcription, rates are in the region of £10 – £30 per completed A4 page of piano score.  A lot depends on how complex it is. £10 per page is fine for a relatively simple 19th century ballet score, for example, where some pages may be more complex than others, but overall, it balances out. I recently made a piano reduction of extracts of La Bayadère from an orchestral recording where whatever difficulties were involved were mitigated by the number of repeated sections, and familiar simplicity of the musical texture.

Another project involved making a vocal score that involved inserting lyrics and making sense of an improvised piano part. That was a much bigger job, and hence more expensive. 

For transcripts of dictation, interviews, or meetings, rates are in the region of £1 – £2 per audio minute, depending on how fast you need it, and how complex it is. I’ll transcribe anything, but these are my specialist areas: 

  • Academic/scholarly texts in the humanities/social sciences 
  • Interviews 
  • Music 
  • Ballet (including French terminology)
  • German, Croatian/Serbian, French, Russian— I’m not offering to transcribe in these languages, but can deal with terms, phrases or short passages in them in otherwise English audio files. 

I am also an expert user of MS Word, so can offer advanced formatting, including tables of contents, heading hierarchies, Zotero integration etc.  

Jonathan Still, ballet pianist