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Jonathan Still (UK) by Andrew Florides, photographer

Jonathan Still (UK). Photo credit: Andrew Florides

About me

I’m not the racing driver, not the vicar, and not the composer of Under the Bodhi Tree, I’m Jonathan Still the ballet pianist who lives in Tooting, amongst other possible descriptions. Chances are if you came searching for Jonathan Still, you were looking for the one I call Jonathan Still (US), who—confusingly—is also a musician (though a much better one than me). You’ll find that Jonathan Still at 

I am currently based in London, UK, and freelancing as a ballet pianist, music typesetter, musical handyman, anything that pays the mortgage, while I finish my PhD on music in ballet training. If you want a rough idea of the kind of thing that I’m writing about, see my article  How down is a downbeat? Feeling meter and gravity in music and danceI’ve written a lot on this blog over the years, but the last two years of “Advent calendars” are the most representative of where I come from: Confessions of an anxious ballet pianist and A year of ballet playing cards. Advent calendars are (a writing task I’ve set myself several years running: to write 25 daily posts in December about a topic related to themes on this site) are

Transcription service

After many years of audio transcribing, mainly interviews for research projects, but also some piano scores taken by dictation from orchestral scores, I am also offering audio transcription services. See my Transcription Services page. 

About this site

I wish I’d called this site a renaissance cabinet of curiosities, but I didn’t – it started off as what it says on the tin, a rather boring but useful page of links about dance & stuff, and instructions about IT for students. I got bored of that, and became a blogger instead, and this is the result.

I’ve moved over to this new domain & new name, because my previous hosts didn’t seem to be able to cope with Movable Type (and I was beginning to hate Movable Type anyway). So here I am, with WordPress & Siteground, a much happier marriage, frankly.  You can use the contact form below if you want to get in touch.  If it’s just a comment on something you’ve read, consider leaving a comment on the post in question, rather than sending me an email, so that others can see it too.

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