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Me in conversation on a podcast


Out today on the Ballet Piano Podcast, an interview I did a couple of years ago. I’d forgotten what we talked about until I listened to it. I was surprised to find that hearing myself talk about why I’d decided … Continue reading

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“On, Wisconsin!” and La Bayadère


What have La Bayadère and “On, Wisconsin!” got in common? Read on . . . Continue reading

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Please do not post my free downloads on Scribd: here’s why


Scribd is a paid-for service, so please don’t upload my music (which is published under a Creative Commons licence) there, if you’re tempted. Continue reading

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A year of ballet playing cards #51 (DQ): A coda medley


What is a coda in ballet? Here are 10 pages of codas, and links to seven famous ballet codas you have to know. Continue reading

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Which was the first ballet to be rehearsed to piano?


It’s hard to find out when people first rehearsed ballet with piano rather than violin. An article from 1963 might have the answer. Continue reading

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More background on the party scene song in The Nutcracker


Since writing about Bon Voyage Cher Dumollet nine years ago, I’ve found out a lot more. Here are some sources. Continue reading

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