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I saw this at the museum of broken relationships
My motto.

For last year’s Advent Calendar, I did 26 sketches of Christmas Carols for class. I’d love to make the album properly one day, but in the meantime, if you would like to use any of these for class, please be my guest. Some are a bit silly, some aren’t in straight sets of 8 bar phrases (that’s Christmas carols for you), and some are a bit rough round the edges, but you might find something in there you like.

If you want to read the background, see last year’s Advent calendar as a list 

3 thought on “Black Friday – Christmas Carols for Class, Free Download (all 26 tracks)”
  1. Thank you so much for this Jonathon. I remembered you doing this last year, but I was not yet teaching… so returned today in the hope of finding a couple of Christmas tracks. What a lovely surprise to find the lot in one nifty file!
    My ballet students will be very happy to hear your festive tunes in their classes next week.

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Jonathan Still, ballet pianist