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At the excellent advice of someone whose excellent advice has never failed me yet, I’m taking a one week vacation from Facebook and Twitter and a couple of other social media sites. This isn’t self-righteousness, I make no apology for loving Facebook and what it affords – but my friend said his recent self-imposed exile was “like having an extra week’s holiday.” Who could resist that?

If you’re interested in how, I installed Stayfocusd on my Macbook, and temporarily deleted the Facebook and Twitter from my phone.  It will be interesting to see how many ways there are to get round that.  I’m already an almost daily user of Freedom for when I’m writing, and after only half an hour, I think I’m going to love Stayfocusd.

Národní street in Prague, with the National Theatre at the end.
Národní street in Prague, with the National Theatre at the end.
4 thought on “Greetings from Prague – and from Radio Silence”
    1. I’ve tried SO many of those things, especially (more recently) Time Out, which rings a bell when it’s time for you to focus again. I’ve not stuck with any of them. I found that if I got into a period of intense concentration, the timer broke the spell. If I couldn’t, then I’d just end up waiting for the 50 minutes or whatever to be up. It sometimes proved useful if I needed to do something boring and not very taxing like fold laundry or tidy a drawer, but for anything requiring you to get into a zone, 25, 50 minutes just isn’t enough, and you become too conscious of it. Not a huge fan.

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