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As it’s christmas, I’m handing out carols for class, one a day, until Christmas day. Free for you to use in class, but don’t go selling them on street corners or anything.

You can download the file by right-clicking (Mac: ctrl+click) on the player above and selecting ‘save audio as’, or right click (Mac: ctrl+click) on this link and select ‘save link as’.

Glass rabbit-shaped jelly moulds in Morleys in Tooting, my favourite shop.
Glass rabbit-shaped jelly moulds in Morleys in Tooting, my favourite shop.

It’s interesting how few carols are really suited to ballet class, but I think Away in a Manger just about works as a plié, though you could get a bit tired of the tune by the time you get to the fourth time round. That’s why I’ve decided to try to recapture the sense of the original hymn in this arrangement.  They’re  also oddly self-centred lyrics (“be near ME! stay close to ME! love me FOREVER! The baby? Oh it just laid it’s head down and shut up. Can we get back to me, now?”), so I have given a more prominent role to other participants in the Greatest Story Ever Told that may have been overlooked. 




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    1. If you’re trying to download from an iPhone or iPad? I think Apple prevents you from doing that (presumably they prefer you to buy things from iTunes instead?). You should be able to download it no problem using a computer, and then transfer to a mobile device. Is that any help?

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