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How much is a packet of digestives? You do the math…


When I was doing my 30-days-without-supermarkets challenge last year, I discovered that there is nothing more slippery and variable than the price of a digestive biscuit.  It’s now even more slippery, to the extent that I completely gave up trying … Continue reading

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Peachnote for all your classical ‘name-that-tune’ problems


Here was today’s musical problem – what’s the tune that Deanna Durbin singing in this film? I need the score immediately for a recording. I know it’s Strauss, but which of his hundred’s of waltzes? Where do you start? Well, … Continue reading

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Russian and Ukrainian folk song site


 a-pesni is a huge and wonderful site  of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian songs of every description – old folklore, war songs, variety, revolutionary songs, army songs, you name it. Songs that have the melodies as well as the words … Continue reading

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RIP Leo Kersley


Sorry to hear that Leo Kersley, dancer and ballet teacher, and author of my favourite ballet dictionary, died yesterday, aged 92. I would love to have met him. There are two lovely tributes to him from former pupils on a … Continue reading

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