Chout-ed and booted

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Another cautionary tale for choreographers: Alexey Miroshnichenko’s new (kind of )work for NYCB The Lady with the Little Dog is onto its second score (this time around, by Rodion Shchedrin) since the Prokofiev estate refused Miroshnichenko permission to make cuts to Prokofiev’s score of  Chout (The Buffoon). The choreographer had planned his piece around the score, but was denied permission only weeks before the show was due to open last January. A surprisingly humourless affair for a ballet called Buffoon. Enter Rodion Shchedrin who allowed Miroshnichenko to make cuts to his own score.  So they postoned the premiere a year, and on it goes tomorrow with the new score: The full story from the New York Times

I just wish there was only one story like this – but I’m beginning to collect them.

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