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Der gestohlene Abend


…is the title of my favourite author Wolfram Fleischhauer’s brand new novel (see previous posts here and here). Biked it down to Tate Britain on this bracing but gorgeously sunny day to¬† meet him and his wife Sabine for lunch … Continue reading

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Gordon Square and the Bloomsbury Ballerina


Ever since I read Judith Mackrell’s heartwarming book about Keynes & Lopokova (see earlier post) I’ve been meaning to drop by Gordon Square one day to see where so much of the story took place. On Monday, I stumbled across … Continue reading

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Hooray for Siteground


You might have noticed that my site was down over the weekend (database issues), and for rather dull reasons, I couldn’t generate a support ticket to my webhost, Siteground, until this morning. I’m overjoyed that it’s all back up and … Continue reading

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Gratuitous cat picture


Every blog should have gratuitous cat pictures now and again, even if only to stick two virtual fingers up to those who complain that the internet is full of ‘me and my cat’ sites. Yes, and? Oh all right then… … Continue reading

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Battersea sunsets


Popped into Tate Britain because it’s there. I still love Work No. 850 and wish it was permanent. I’m not sure why, or why I could talk elegiacly about it far more than I could of the Bacon or Turner … Continue reading

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Take my survey


I’m trialling some polling software for another project. If you’re feeling generous with your time (it’ll take about 45 seconds, no longer than an Imperial female solo), please Click Here to take the survey. It would be nice for me … Continue reading

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