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Mark Morris

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Mark Morris in rehearsal at ENB for Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes. Photograph © Asya Verzhbinsky, reproduced with her kind permission. www.asyav-images.com Photo © Asya Verzhbinsky, Reproduced with permission
On a Saturday lunchtime around this time last year, I walked out of the Sadler’s Wells stage door & up Rosebery Avenue feeling like Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. I’d just played my first class for Mark Morris & his company (I’d already played for Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes in 2003, but never for a class), and it was – I’m not exagerrating – a mindblowing experience.

I guess you have to understand that ballet class is something that has bugged my curiosity ever since I first walked through the doors of the RAD nearly 20 years ago. When I left there 9 months later, I tried to explain to the then director, Julia Farron, that much as I liked dance and was grateful for my job, I was frustrated because I felt that class could be so much more than it currently was, but there seemed to be no way of doing it.

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