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Music, time and politics in the ballet studio


Just published online, my chapter in the Oxford Handbook of Time in Music, “The politics of musical time in the everyday life of ballet dancers.” Continue reading

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A year of ballet playing cards #51 (DQ): A coda medley


What is a coda in ballet? Here are 10 pages of codas, and links to seven famous ballet codas you have to know. Continue reading

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Brahms, Tchaikovsky and the polysemic hairpin


Following on from an earlier post about Tchaikovsky’s hairpins, today I learned about the Brahmsian hairpin too. Continue reading

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More background on the party scene song in The Nutcracker


Since writing about Bon Voyage Cher Dumollet nine years ago, I’ve found out a lot more. Here are some sources. Continue reading

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Tamara Karsavina on music


In “Theatre Street,” Karsavina makes several references to the soundworld of her dance training and rehearsal. Here is a collection of them. Continue reading

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Nureyev’s Siegfried solo in the White Swan pas de deux


Maybe I’ve just led a sheltered ballet life, but after 30+ years of playing for more rehearsals and casts of the white swan pas de deux from Swan Lake Act II than I can remember, I was astounded the other day … Continue reading

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