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Sheet music for ballet: where to find scores of the major ballets

Not often that I link from here to my real job, but I’ve finally done a factsheet* page of links on a subject that I’m always being asked about – where can I get the music for this or that solo from a ballet.

So here it is, online Sheet Music Resources for ballet courtesy of the Royal Academy of Dance, with  direct links to all the Tchaikovsky ballets, Giselle and Coppélia and a few more. 

Note: I linked to the RAD Canada site above, since the RAD UK website lost or relocated invisibly all of the music resources, which I assume is a blip.  It’s back online now at — but I’m keeping the link above just in case! The pages are exact mirrors of each other, there’s no “UK” or “Canada” version. 

Sheet music for ballet class

And don’t miss my Year of Ballet Playing Cards (links to a clickable list of the posts so far) – every Thursday in 2015, I’ll be uploading a piece of piano music for class that you can download as a pdf and print for free, and blogging about it at the same time. By the end of the year, that’ll be 52 pieces. For more about that, see About A Year of Ballet Playing Cards.

*It was a factsheet, but as of March 2014 it’s a webpage – and update with a couple more links, too.

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