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Chris, in Beccles Sewing & Handicraft, November 2007
Chris, in Beccles Sewing & Handicraft, November 2007

Choreographers and all creative people fascinate me. It’s the bits in between that I’m interested in – what does a composer, artist, choreographer etc. do when they’re not creating?

For that reason, and a few others, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of a friend as when I got a google alert telling me that there was a mention of best mate Christopher Hampson, renowned choreographer (of course) in a review of a book about knitting in the US.

Dindy Yokel, the Atlanta Literature examiner, reviews a book about the social networking affordances of knitting in a book by Suzyn Jackson called ‘Knit it Together’ over at

“Christopher Hampson” she says, “a London-based choreographer who guests with the Atlanta Ballet took up knitting to pass the time he spends on airplanes and waiting in airports.  When in Atlanta he can be found between rehearsals at Knitch working on something lush, cashmere and black.”

I’m proud on two accounts. Firstly, a good knitting review has real gravitas because knitting writers can usually knit, expertly. You don’t join that circle easily. But secondly, I’m proud because I happened to be there when it all started, back in November 2007 at the Beccles Sewing & Handicraft shop, after a gorgeous weekend with old friends Alice & Andrew.  We were a bit hungover from the night before, and passing a knitting shop, Chris decided to rekindle an old hobby, and the ladies in the Beccles were marvellous, and inducted him back into knitting in the shop, on the spot.  If you’re interested in gender studies, imagine that a 35 year old woman went into Homebase and said she was interested in board-cutting.Guess who’s doing well in a recession.

2 thought on “From casting to casting-on”
  1. Hi Jonathan:

    Thanks for including my review and mention of Christopher – he’s a super guy! You guessed right, I am a knitter – was a closeted knitter until moving to Atlanta as nobody in Miami Beach under the age of 80 knits and my friends and associates would have been stupefied.

    Love your blog!

  2. I was surprised to hear that Chris could take his knitting on planes. I used to years and years ago, but now-a-days, knitting needles are counted as ‘sharp implements’, at least on the flights I go on. Perhaps he uses special needles, or wooden ones which don’t show up in the Xray ????

    All the best,


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