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Cycle maps I’ve recently become a fan of the TFL cycle routes page, where you just put in a couple of postcodes or locations, and let the website draw your route for you in a series of maps & descriptions. The one that sold it to me was the route from Battersea to the Opera House, which showed me an amazing cut-through that takes you from the Chelsea embankment to Birdcage walk in a way which ought not to be possible but it’s there. And it takes you past Horse Guards Parade which I swear is one of the most magnificent sights in London – but you’ll never see it unless you walk or cycle.

Unlike car route planners which often churn out routes that only a madman would  take,  and give you journey times that you ‘d only achieve if you left at 3.30 in the morning and all the traffic lights were on green, the TFL cycle routes are good ones, and the timing is remarkably accurate.

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