24 kilos excess baggage

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 merton_small.jpgAs I stepped on the scales this morning, I was delighted to notice that I have at long last managed to attain my comedy target of losing my British Airways baggage allowance (23kg) in fat. Plus an extra kilogram for luck. I shall see if I can get a refund next time I fly. After all, that’s the weight of a small child or 7 or 8 very large chickens that they don’t have to worry about any more.

I pondered that thought, for some reason, as I crossed the bridge over the Wandle by Merton Savacentre (see left). Anyone from Belgrade must be curious to know how their own Sava Centar, one of the largest cultural & conference centres in Europe, and named after the river that runs for nearly 600 miles through four countries, could be related to a supermarket in Merton built on the Wandle, a 9 mile-long stream that runs from Croydon to Wandsworth.

The ???? ?????? as I’m determined to call it now, was the last stop on a fruitless search to find Hoover bags for my parents’ vacuum cleaner. The Comet where it came from has gone; Argos don’t have them, Curry’s don’t have them, Smith Brothers don’t have them, and the ???? ?????? like most other places, only stocks bags for the models they sell. It’s no wonder people take drugs – they’re so much easier to get hold of than Hoover bags.

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  1. gerald says:

    Here in Australia I was advised that Hoover was bought out, split up and taken over by several companies over the past few years but that the branding was kept. ‘Hoover’ doesn’t make Hoovers any more I was told. Anyway the only way I could get bags to fit my old hoover
    was to use a generic brand from ‘Godfrey’s’ – our vacuum cleaner specialist
    store. Or from ‘Target’, equal to your old C&A?, The bags will say something
    like ‘can be used for the following brands – Hoover Model T20 , Electrolux
    P150 to 250’ etc.

    I am no longer faced with this problem as my Hoover conked out and was
    replaced by a Panasonic.

    I now can’t get the Panasonic bags also but use a generic brand from

    Try e-bay. I never do, but it’s the first thing with many people.

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