Every year (except 1) since 2005, I’ve been blogging every day during advent on a topic that’s something to do with dance, music, and in one case, IT. Here you can see those calendars as a page of links.

  • Advent 2005 – the first one, where I pay tribute to the people who taught me to play for class
  • Advent 2006 – a follow up to 2005: the music that I associate with those people and why
  • Advent 2007Studio series 4 (a CD of ballet class music I made) – the pianist’s commentary
  • Advent 2008 – Anecdotes from a life behind a ballet-piano.
  • Advent 2009 – Musical surprises in the ballet repertoire – my personal favourite
  • Advent 2010 – A year off.
  • Advent 2011– My top IT tips for everyday computer users
  • Advent 2012 – Playing for ballet class, tips for pianists
  • Advent 2013 – Christmas Carols for Ballet Class (free music downloads)
  • Advent 2014 – Confessions of an anxious ballet pianist
  • A year of Ballet Playing Cards: not advent, but a year’s project starting in January 2015

Not advent, but lists all the same 


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