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Tooting swimming times again


Update on 29th July 2012 – DCL leisure at last have a really good online timetable for all their pools, including Tooting. You can filter the timetable for lane swimming, and view one day at a time. I don’t know what I’m going to do with all the spare time I have now I don’t have to work it out from the incomprehensible grid that used to be the timetable.  For that reason, ignore the original post below…

One of the commonest searches on my site is for Tooting swimming times: when DCL at last published them online, I did a page about it, but the link is dead, and the brochures available either are out of date, or they don’t include the pool times. So here you are, fellow Tooting swimmers, I’ve scanned the sheet and posted it here. Don’t blame me if it’s wrong, but it’s better than not publishing it at all.

Click here to get the latest Tooting-swimming times