Daily Archives: August 6, 2004 1:55 am

Go, Nadia!


Wir sind so weit, as the Germans would say – it’s time to vote Nadia as the undisputed queen of Big Brother.

Before anyone calls me shallow for being a BB fan, I have very deep and meaningful reasons as to why Nadia should win. While Jason has consistently shown himself to be a complete wimp (even I can take a cold shower, for gawds sake), Nadia has shown moral courage. She has managed to keep her ‘secret’ out of the house all these weeks, and pursued her own dream of being accepted – that’s determination, focus & willpower for you. But more than that, what I love about her is that she gets angry and upset, but within 5 minutes she knows that she is upset, and laughs about it. She is well sorted, and knows what’s her problem, and what belongs to other people.

She also laughs a lot (and I’m a great believer in Deus Ludens).

May she win, and may you never visit this site again if you don’t vote for her!