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Multi-tasking and supertasking


As you’ll know if you read my blog, I’ve got a thing about multi-tasking – I think it’s a dangerous myth, and I’ll post anything I find to keep debunking it. Here’s another, though from an unusual angle: Meet the … Continue reading

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How much is a packet of digestives? You do the math…


When I was doing my 30-days-without-supermarkets challenge last year, I discovered that there is nothing more slippery and variable than the price of a digestive biscuit.  It’s now even more slippery, to the extent that I completely gave up trying … Continue reading

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30 days without supermarkets #22: Goodbye mugs


So today I made the Lebanese coffee the right way, and managed to find a small cup to drink it out of. Delicious. It makes a nice change to have a cup, rather than a bucket of coffee. Which reminds … Continue reading

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The multi-tasking myth: how much more evidence do you need?


I just love hating multi-tasking.  Self-styled multi-taskers are the most irritating, self-deluding, smug and dangerous people I know. Fortunately, they are doomed to distinction in evolutionary terms – their brains will never spend long on enough attending to one thing … Continue reading

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So you think that’s funny, Mr Clarkson?


I guess it’s only cyclists that understand just how idiotic and dangerous most drivers are. The reason I’m not dead yet after years of cycling in London is only because I assume that everyone in a car is applying make-up, … Continue reading

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A geography lesson for Mail-readers


Have you ever been to Slovenia? I have, four or five times. It’s a beautiful country. Ljubjlana is one of the quaintest, cleanest cities I know. My impression of Slovenians is of a self-assured, intelligent, well-educated, design-conscious nation, benefiting from … Continue reading

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