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  • Keep calm and carillon

    I’m so sick of seeing ‘Keep calm and carry on’ stuff, and all the unfunny variants of it (like ‘Keep Calm and Carry’ on an M & S bag, the latest atrocity), that I thought I’d add my own version, before the overworked marketing idea finally curls up and dies.  I love carillons, and one […]

  • Stermann & Griessman tanzen fürs Vaterland sketch

    I think there’s a kind of international exchange going on. I find more and more English people fulfilling the stereotype of the humourless German bureaucrat, whereas German humour just seems to get funnier and funnier.  Sadly, the funniest parts of this sketch are untranslatable, so go and learn German.

  • The Urwärme of Ohrwürme

    Via Metafilter, the top 25 ‘earworms’ in France, with audio examples.   ‘Earworm’ is a direct translation of the German word Ohrwurm, meaning a tune that you can’t get out of your head. The more euphonic French term musique obsédante is perhaps the reason why Paris is better known as the city of romance than Berlin […]

  • Jonathan’s musical trivia quiz: Name that tune in 1

    At a recent recording, while we were waiting for the kettle to boil or a hard drive to back up, we got a bit silly and starting playing ‘name that tune in one’ – i.e. you only get the first note or chord of the piece. Fancy playing? Number one in the quiz, which I’ll […]

  • Happiness is a USB foot control

    I don’t think I have loved a piece of technology more than I currently love my new Infinity USB foot control.  I’m  transcribing hours of interviews for my dissertation, and although I type fast, it’s been a very slow process, because the transport controls on iTunes have little finesse, and you need to keep switching […]

  • Take the Slovenia / Slovakia quiz

    I thought I was maybe being a bit rude about people who don’t know where Slovenia is in my recent Slovenia post (A Geography Lesson for Mail-Readers), but I feel happier now that I know that even the Slovene tourist board are offering a free trip to the World Cup if you can answer a […]

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