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At a recent recording, while we were waiting for the kettle to boil or a hard drive to back up, we got a bit silly and starting playing ‘name that tune in one’ – i.e. you only get the first note or chord of the piece. Fancy playing?

Number one in the quiz, which I’ll try and do for a week… is a famous ballet by at least two people, as well as a piece of music in its own right. Click below to hear.

Name that tune in 1, #1

6 thought on “Jonathan’s musical trivia quiz: Name that tune in 1”
    1. There’d be something wrong if you didn’t get it after all the performances you did! Next time I’ll have to add a ‘look away now’ button if you don’t want to see the answer. I’m fine. When are you going to come to London again!?

  1. Yep- scary white unitard memories! Hope to come to the UK again in summer with any luck. Will let you know and hope that you’re around.
    Running back to work again now but will listen to the 2nd “name that tune” again later. Chinese in Nutcracker? Mmm- nah.
    Glad all’s well there. You’re as busy as ever no doubt. Coming to Prague again this year? Was there a couple of weekends ago and it made me think of you!

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Jonathan Still, ballet pianist