Drigo’s “Reveil de Flore” piano score online


Thanks to Patty Noel who alerted me to the fact that Harvard now have this available online digitally. We’d both previously searched high and low for it without success, but then it seemed to suddenly appear. As always with Drigo, some wonderful music in there that in my view (shhhh don’t tell anyone I said so) eclipses a lot of Tchaikovsky’s ballet music. 

Link to Harvard University’s digital piano score of Le Reveil de Flore (Drigo)



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3 thoughts on “Drigo’s “Reveil de Flore” piano score online

  1. Paweł Zawada

    Thank you so much, Jonathan!

    Drigo remains on the top of my favourite ballet composers. I found also “The Magic Flute”, another ballet of Drigo, on the Harvard site. But my dreams will come true when I find a score of beautiful ballet “The Talisman”. Maybe you know any online resource of this score?

    Greetings from Gdańsk,


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