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Music, dance and the total art work: choreomusicology in theory and practice is an article just out by Paul Mason in Research in Dance Education that pretty much sums up where we are now in that field.  I’m feeling especially smug, because I’d actually read it by the time that Paul had posted a comment on my blog drawing attention to it. Looking at his biog makes me feel ashamed at my miserable attempts at interdisciplinarity. Anthropology, neuroscience, dance, music, and writing in three languages – now that’s impressive.

One thought on “New choreomusicology article”
  1. G’day Jonathan, Thank you for your kind words and for sharing this work on choreomusicology back in 2012. Taking this work into the study of a non-Western performance genre, I have just published an article looking at the relationship between sound and movement in Minangkabau Plate-dancing from West Sumatra (called Tari Piring):

    Please forgive my enthusiasm in sharing this article and footage with you, but it’s nice to engage in discussion with people who share an interest in similar topics. By the way, what are your contact details? I apologise, but I only know how to contact you through your website.

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