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OCR errors and ballet


Optical character recognition (OCR) errors in pdfs can cause some pretty fundamental problems of understanding. Here’s one from ballet. Continue reading

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Pianos and violins in the ballet class


When did the piano replace the violin in the ballet class in the Imperial Theatre schools? Galina Bezuglaya has some interesting answers. Continue reading

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Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy — online journal (with English abstracts)


Am I the last person to have noticed that the Vaganova Ballet Academy has published a serious journal containing the work of Russian dance scholars, Bulletin of the Vaganova Ballet Academy,since 2015, with six issues a year? The articles are … Continue reading

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Post-grad study for mature students : 15 tips


A while back, a friend and colleague who is about to start a PhD asked me if I had any advice. I said, don’t ask me, given that I had to interrupt for a year, and I’m living on borrowed … Continue reading

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Importing documents and structure from Scrivener to MaxQDA


Here’s my triumph of the day: getting Scrivener to export about 400 separate documents into a single file that you can then import into MaxQDA with a code that will then separate them out again into individual documents in MaxQDA.  If you’re … Continue reading

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Musicology, ballet teaching and time signature


A proud day for me, my first proper article published in Empirical Musicology Review. “How Down is a Downbeat? Feeling Meter and Gravity in Music and Dance?” came out of a single teaching session, when about 12 years of trying to teach about … Continue reading

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