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White noise


When my friend Andrew told me that the only way he could study at university was to listen to white noise through headphones, I thought that was the kind of quaint weirdness that you’d expect from a person who spends … Continue reading

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Another bullet for Powerpoint


I was very amused and heartened to see that one of the answers to the question “Why do 60% of students find their lectures boring?” (an article in the Guardian by a boredom specialist) is the overuse of Powerpoint. As … Continue reading

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The joy of 14 tracks


I wasn’t expecting to like 14 tracks, but now I wish I didn’t love it quite so much. Click on one of the icons to reach 14 tracks in a particular genre or connected by a particular theme, chosen from … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking (again)


Thanks again to Rebecca’s Pocket (see last post) for pointing me in the direction of Ear Plugs to Lasers an article in the NY Times about Winifried Gallagher’s book Rapt, on the subject of attention. Readers of this blog may … Continue reading

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Rebecca’s Pocket is 10


Every now and again I return to Rebecca’s Pocket, which was one of the first blogs I ever read, when I didn’t know what a blog was.  Even back then (around 2002/2003) she was blogging about blogging, mulling over the … Continue reading

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This is my jam


The things you learn from students. One of mine was saying how difficult it is to use iTunes to find music choices with similar characteristics. Before you say ‘whaddya mean, difficult?!’, remember that ‘genre’ and ‘style’ and ‘mood’ are very … Continue reading

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