White noise

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Daisies on Tooting Common, where history is made

Daisies on Tooting Common, where history is made

When my friend Andrew told me that the only way he could study at university was to listen to white noise through headphones, I thought that was the kind of quaint weirdness that you’d expect from a person who spends their life at a mixing desk, but it seems he’s not the only one.

Over at whitenoisemp3s.com, you get exactly what it says on the URL, a bunch of  white noise (and pink/red and brown noise) mp3s to download and play when you need, well…white noise.

As someone with advancing hyperacusis, ADD and a noise-polluted environment wherever I turn (Sainsburys is now an auditory nightmare: the MOR music, 10 barcode scanners beeping asynchronously every few seconds plus four self-service tills shouting  ‘UNEXPECTED ITEM IN THE BAGGING AREA’ – pretty soon, I may give up altogether) the prospect of listening to autumn winds for an hour is growing on me.  Mild amusement and cynicism has turned to awe. What a great site.

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