The joy of 14 tracks

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14 tracks website

I wasn’t expecting to like 14 tracks, but now I wish I didn’t love it quite so much. Click on one of the icons to reach 14 tracks in a particular genre or connected by a particular theme, chosen from a collection of tracks that is eclectic and unusual, but also representative.  You can buy the collection for £6.86, or individual tracks for 99p, and listen to the whole track online. My favourites so far include 14 tracks blown-up: accordion and melodica, and 14 tracks in the shadow of film noir, but I’ve learned something from all the collections. It’s an intoxicating education in music that you didn’t even know you might like.

Behind it are the people from Boomkat, an online music store who specialise in new music, the independent, the odd, the not-mainstream, roughly speaking.  They’ve created 14 tracks, as they say in their ‘about’ page, ” because we feel it’s now harder than ever to wade through the sheer volume of music available out there and find what you’re looking for.”

Exactly. And more to the point, if it’s new music, or a bit off-mainstream, then you’re not going to know what to look for because you don’t know it’s there.

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