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Every good boy deserves favour


To the National Theatre to see Every Good Boy Deserves Favour by Tom Stoppard & André Previn on the recommendation of Chris who happily went to see it again with me. Brilliant. You have to call it a play because … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking? No thanks.



“I’m just multi-tasking” is a phrase that annoys me like no other. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a man use the word about himself, but then ‘multi-tasking’, according to women’s magazines is what women can do better than men, so it’s usually used as a weapon of barely masked sexism. It offends me. For one thing, if you want to believe that you (as a woman) are better at multi-tasking than men, then you have to subscribe to the kind of gender-stereotyping that would be considered out of order, if it were used the other way round. I can multitask, thank you very much. I can cook. I’m good at all kinds of things which are conventionally considered ‘feminine’ in our society (but not others) including music, and I can do many of them all at once. Continue reading

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Bach on Mars


For the curious, this is what Bach on Mars would sound like, given the local gases etc. I’m glad there are scientists out there working out this important stuff.

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Why music?


Waiting in the check-out queue at Sainsburys the other day, I was mesmerized by the sight of a lardy teenage girl standing – or rather pulsating and jerking compulsively like an enormous chicken in the throes of food-poisoning – at … Continue reading

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On Mendelssohn, Hampson, and ‘musical music’


Hello world, happy new year. Though I say it myself, I rather liked my Advent Calendar of 2008. It’s nicely ironic that I should have begun it with ‘Solving Musical Problems’, because as it turned out, that’s exactly what I … Continue reading

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