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dan_saki.jpgTo South Ken for the second time in one afternoon, this time to meet Dan & Kei for sushi, ramen & teriyaki at Saki in Old Brompton Road, which I only discovered last week with Susie Cooper, who should have been there really, as the four of us have done some happy theatre trips together. 

Dan recently made a beautiful short film about dance, and I’m thrilled that he’s uploaded it to Youtube. He’s got an extraordinary ability to get people to just talk about stuff and be themselves on camera, and this is a prime example. The film’s called Silent Dancers (click to see it), which is quite funny if you know him, since Dan is the least silent dancer I’ve ever met, but then I guess the film’s not about him.

I meant to take the picture in flagrante, while all the wonderful sushi and other stuff was so much in evidence that the photo would have just screamed ‘this is me and my mates in a Japanese restaurant’, but unfortunately I forgot, so all I can offer is this rather beguiling photo of Dan with what looks like a miniature teapot. Behind him, if you could but see it, is a pictorial glossary of all the different types of sushi.

And by the way, today is definitely a day for listening to Madeleine Peyroux, which is what I’m doing now.

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Jonathan Still, ballet pianist