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New podcast series on folk tunes and Englishness


As I’m slightly obsessed with fiddlers’ tune books, ever since I found that this is where I should have been looking all the time for all the gaps in my ballet class repertoire (see earlier post) I was thrilled to … Continue reading

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Playing for ballet class tips #3: Get yourself a fiddle book


Searching for petit allegro music “There are two parts of the class where you need more music,” the late Anatoli Grigoriev said to me after I’d played for him a few times, “petit allegro, and adage.” It was quite matter-of-fact … Continue reading

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Russian and Ukrainian folk song site


 a-pesni is a huge and wonderful site  of Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Belarusian songs of every description – old folklore, war songs, variety, revolutionary songs, army songs, you name it. Songs that have the melodies as well as the words … Continue reading

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