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  • An online ballet crossword

    I’m reposting this from six years ago – my first ever online ballet crossword. Even though I say so myself, I think it’s rather nice if you like that kind of thing. It’s as much the gracefulness of the technology that I like as the content, which is about ballet & music & stuff.

  • Stermann & Griessman tanzen fürs Vaterland sketch

    I think there’s a kind of international exchange going on. I find more and more English people fulfilling the stereotype of the humourless German bureaucrat, whereas German humour just seems to get funnier and funnier.  Sadly, the funniest parts of this sketch are untranslatable, so go and learn German.

  • Name that tune in 1 #2

    Name that tune in 1: it’s a ballet again

  • Send yourself to sleep with your own sleepy track

    Totally the wrong thing to be trying out at coffee time on a Sunday morning, but it’s hypnotic and wonderful: over at www.soundsleeping.com you can choose, mix and pan five channels of various relaxing sounds such as birdsong, rain, oceans, drumming and mystical flute into your very own continuous, sleep-inducing soundtrack.  As long as the […]

  • Chatroom improv man

    This made me laugh: Merton, a guy with a piano improvises songs in realtime about the people who appear in his chatroom window on Chat Roulette. I could sit and watch this for hours except I have to go to work. Damn!

Jonathan Still, ballet pianist