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  • Places that are still there #2: The Cosmoba, Bloomsbury

    I can’t walk anywhere in Bloomsbury without being wistfully rushed back in time to when I was a student at the School of Slavonic and East European Studies back in 1978-81. And nowhere holds more potent memories for me of that time than the Cosmoba in Cosmo place just off Southampton Row.  God rot the […]

  • Come on in, the water’s lovely: what swimming teaches about procrastination

    At the pool yesterday, I was fascinated to watch a group of  5-year olds having their swimming lesson. One instructor was in the pool ready to catch the poor things when the other instructor, on the side of the pool, ‘encouraged’ them to jump into the water. A few were quite easy and nonchalant about […]

  • Learning to speak dog

    My favourite story of the day: how staff at an animal home thought a dog was deaf until they discovered it had come from a Polish household and therefore only responded to commands in Polish. The story brings back fond memories of Prague last summer, when Chris baby-sat   Vicky the lesbian German Shepherd for a […]

  • Give to East Cheshire Hospice

    Get your credit cards out… On November 7th, best pal & favourite choreographer Christopher Hampson is running the marathon in aid of the East Cheshire Hospice, who looked after David Fielding in his last days.  Not one to do things by halves, Chris is running the marathon – from Marathon to Athens.  He’s currently up […]

  • From casting to casting-on

    Choreographers and all creative people fascinate me. It’s the bits in between that I’m interested in – what does a composer, artist, choreographer etc. do when they’re not creating? For that reason, and a few others, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of a friend as when I got a google alert telling […]

  • Taking sides

    When one of my friends says ‘I saw this and thought of you’, you can bet it’s not a kiss-me-quick hat or Behind the scenes at The Apprentice. ‘It’s a play about music and nazis!’ was what Chris said when he announced he was taking me out for a birthday treat, and oh boy, was […]

Jonathan Still, ballet pianist