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If you’re wondering why there’s been a long silence in the 52 cards project, it’s because I’ve been just too busy with other stuff, such as organizing the Conference on Music and Movement as Process and Experience that takes place tomorrow, 23rd October under the banner of the Institute of Education’s Music Special Interest Group. It takes place tomorrow at the Royal Academy of Dance  who’ve very kindly agreed to host it.

In  a way, this conference is another step along the path that I had in my mind over 15 years ago that, and blogged about in 2005. My thinking’s moved on a bit in various directions since that post, but that’s roughly where it started.

2 thought on “Conference on music and movement as process and experience”
  1. Wow, I’d only discovered your blog recently, and hadn’t realized you’d been writing for so long. Thanks for the link to your old post. Speaking as both a musician and a dancer, I think it’s great what you’ve been doing. I really enjoyed the paper you posted recently.

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