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It’s christmas. I’m standing on the street corner of the web, handing out carols for ballet class.

Ballerina Daria Klimentová with her lovely cat, Lucy.

To download the song, either right-click (Mac: ctrl+click) the player above and select ‘save audio as’, or right-click (Mac: ctrl+click) this link and select ‘save link as‘.

To most English people, Santa Lucia isn’t a carol. But if you live in Sweden (and some other places, I think) you’ll be singing this today, as it’s St Lucy’s day, and that’s what you sing. After you’ve put a crown of candles on your head and marched through the town. Read more on St Lucy’s day celebrations in Sweden.

And as it’s St Lucy’s day, and this is a ballet blog, let me introduce you to a very special Lucy from the ballet world,  Daria Klimentová’s cat. Lucy’s not only very pretty, but she also eats her food by picking it up with her paw, and then putting it in her mouth, which is something I’ve never ever seen a cat do before. A huge thank you to Daria for sending me the pictures so obligingly.

Lucy, Daria Klimentová’s beautiful cat



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