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A friend posted a link to Matt Cutts’ TED talk ‘Try something new for 30-days‘ and I was itching to set myself a challenge. I’ve done 30-day challenges before, like blogging on music for Advent calendars, and taking a photo every day for a month, and it’s fun. So my latest challenge is to try and last 30 days without shopping at places like Tesco, Sainsburys & M&S.  I am already furious at the way Sainsburys display pricing in such a mixture of ways that it’s difficult to compare like for like for the customer (see earlier post on courgette pricing).  Via War-on-Want’s campaign ‘Fighting Supermarket Power‘ I came across this interesting article in which  Tesco & Sainsburys are accused of distorting job creation figures in order to get permission for more stores. I’ve often come fuming out of a supermarket, inwardly swearing I’ll never shop there again, but had to concede that it’s difficult.

But is it? That’s my challenge. Although it’s nothing to do with IT or music or dance, that’s what I’m going to try and do except when I’m shopping for someone else.

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