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Golf's Greatest Hits. Pure gold, no doubt.

Skimming through an article on masculinities, sports and popular music, I had to read one sentence four times before I could believe my eyes. Yes, there really is an album called Golfs Greatest Hits (punctuation evidently wasn’t one of them), and a label (Teed Off) dedicated to, er, Golf Music.

Please don’t buy this for me, even as a joke. The idea of golf is bad enough, but the idea of a compilation of music for people who think golf is a good idea takes several biscuits.

This isn’t as weird as it gets though, not just yet. For that you have to look at The Worst Album Covers Ever Created. There are so many wonderful abominations here, I don’t know where to start recommending. Other sites may have more, but this guy knows how to pick the best of the worst.

And if you fancy making your own cod vinyl record label (78rpm, 45rpm or LP), there’s a site where you can do it online and get the results straight back as jpg.  Hours of endless procrastinatory fun and more at the Vinyl Record Generator.

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