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My favourite (musical) things


I’m always stuck for an answer when people ask ‘so what’s your favourite kind of music?’. But for those that are interested, this video pretty much sums it up. Strikes me, too, that this would make perfect tendu music for … Continue reading

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Tooting skies blue again


The wonderful weather yesterday put everyone in a good mood. This was the first sky like this I’ve seen in a long time.

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The King’s new clothes


If you read that one pianist of a duo was a ‘quixotic Moldavian jazz pianist living in Oslo’, and that the duo’s  recital in which “Schuman merges into tango into Bach into jazz into Stravinsky on two” pianos was “like … Continue reading

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For ballet music fans…


Thanks to Adam Lopez (who I have to thank on an almost weekly basis these days), genius creator of all nearly all the Wikipedia pages on Petipa, Minkus and Imperial Ballet generally, I have now finally seen a score of … Continue reading

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More joys of libraries & Der gestohlene Abend


It’s some time now since I finished Wolfram Fleischhauer’s latest novel, Der gestohlene Abend, which I enjoyed so much I wanted to blog about it even before I’d got past page two. But the trouble with his novels are that … Continue reading

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The bit the Tories left out about teaching in Singapore


Amused, in a despairingly cynical way, to see that the best the Tories can come up with as an educational policy is to give teachers the power to seize iPods. Tories would also “introduce a longer term plan to attract … Continue reading

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