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scoffers.jpgIt probably wasn’t called Scoffers at the time, but it looks exactly as I remember it. I stumbled across it again recently, almost 20 years after first going there. It was one of those places that you wander into without really knowing where you are because you’re walking & talking and  geography is the last thing on your mind.  I thought I’d never find it again, and that even if I did, it wouldn’t be there. So here it is, and for you too (you know who you are). And just in case I lose it again, it’s at 6, Battersea Rise.

One thought on “Places that are still there, No.1: Scoffers”
  1. I used to pass this place all the time, on the bus from Brixton to Clapham Jnctn, and then later from Camberwell (but less frequently when I discovered it was slightly faster to bus to Vauxhall, then train to Clapham Jnctn). Never went in, much to my regret. Next time you go, have something really high in calories and cholesterol, just for me.

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