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The cover of Panikhida Khristal'naya
The cover of Pogudin's album Panikhida Khristal'naya. The image is direct-linked to the relevant page on his website.

In my search for the authors of Dorogoi Dlinnoyu (see last entry) I have listened to scores of different recordings, and discovered that Aleksandr  Vertinskii wrote some of the most beautiful songs, in addition to making Fomin’s song famous.

But the real find of the day, indeed of the year, is the singer Oleg Pogudin whose album of Vertinskii’s songs, Panikhida Khrustal’naya is one of the most beautiful things I’ve heard in a long time. Pogudin’s voice is warm, clear and soulful, like stroking velvet. He makes each song sound like a masterpiece.

What makes the album even more stunning is the brilliant accompaniment of Igor’ Ur’yash. He’s a fanstastic pianist, and his accompanying is probably the best I’ve ever heard in this genre. If I was Pogudin, I’d want to sign him for life. Both of them can do the ‘caf?’ sound to perfection, but with a subtlety, technique and depth that is breathtaking, and their partnership is so well attuned that they sound like a single voice.

5 thought on “The wonderful voice of Oleg Pogudin”
  1. Thanks for the link to Pogudin’s website. I was looking for the origins of “Those were the days my friend”. What a beautiful voice, what beautiful songs.

  2. Thank you for the link to this wonderful album. I already had discovered Pogudin from a link in McGill University’s Russian studies where he sings one of Lermontov’s songs, and I was listening to many of his youtube videos. Then I read your article and have been mesmerized with this album (one can listen to all songs at his site). But I have been unable to find how to buy the album. Would you know where to buy it?

    1. Hi Marina, I ordered the album, and a couple of others, from an online shop in Russia a few years ago (i.e. ordered CDs, which eventually arrived by post). I’ve been searching around the web, and it looks like it’s out of print, since even the stores that have it say it’s currently unavailable. I guess there’s nothing to stop you right-clicking the links and just saving each MP3 and building your own album – though you don’t get the inlays and so on.

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