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For some reason – perhaps because I’m about to stop smoking again, and just waiting for all the ‘you know it makes sense’ comments – I’ve been listing in my head all the good IT advice that people never heed, even though not taking it is about as stupid as continuing to smoke. If you’re a smoker, and someone starts telling you how stupid it is, feel free to ask them if they do any of the things below – unless they score 100%, you can tell them they’re stupid too.

So, in no particular order, here’s my list of IT tips no-one ever listens to:

1. Learn to touch-type
2. Read the manual
3. Read the Help menu
4. Use keyboard shortcuts
5. Learn how to search the web and databases efficiently
6. Develop an efficient filing system on your computer
7. Clear your inbox and tidy your folders regularly
8. Don’t use your computer to do things you could do quicker by hand
9. Use a firewall and antivirus software
10. Don’t forward ‘humorous’ emails – unless you actually want your colleagues to think you’re a bit sad and annoying.

All further suggestions or contributions to this list gratefully received.

The picture is of a cow at Prague airport.

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