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This rain-mate business (see below) is beginning to really bother me. How could something that helped define a generation just disappear, or rather, not appear at all on the net? Interesting that the web-searcher’s bible, the tutorial at Berkeley on finding things on the net, has been updated to include a recommendation to use Teoma as a ‘second opinion’ search enginge (after Google). As it happens, Teoma did bring up more relevant sites on the rain-mate than Google, including one which tells me that it was invented in 1950.

As with kazoos, please let me know (via comments) if your local shop sells rainmates. The next shoppoleth is the eyebath. Those included with Optrex products don’t count – it has to be an off-the-shelf, stand-alone eyebath.

8 thought on “Who makes rain-mates?”
  1. Rainmates.. the most horrific thing in the world…. A Chemist shop in Aberdeen sells them. I know as one of colleagues she turned up wearing one recently… and she is still young i.e under 35…. How sad is that!!!!

  2. Total support for the rain mates, as a 17-year-old lady I feel these great inventions should live on throughout many generations!

    Letting them die(now how sad is that I ask a fellow comment leaver!)

    Hair straighteners are a great electrical device that I use more than often, but I ask the question ‘why spend precious time perfecting hair when a drop of rain could ruin the desired look?’
    by simply wearing a rain mate all your problems are solved!

    You may think what a sad young girl, but I say the sad people are those that let them go, OAPs are unfortunately not the future but I plan to lead a full fledge petition to save these products!!!!

    Please help!!!

    Woolworth?s sell them!

  3. Who does sell rain mates. I seriously am looking for one for a young girl in the office. I have been chosen to buy her “Christmas Santa” pressie and she was slagging them off one day – just the thing I thought but where in Edinburgh can I buy one????

  4. Stumbled acros this thread and I’m now 4 years too late? The pleated or accordion types can be found on ebay from time to time. I have a few that were donated, against the popular visor bonnet types. Rainwear enthusiasts (like me!) can buy nice versions of rain hoods or bonnets at & in soft opaque vinyl and solid glossy PVC.

    It’s all terribly wicked if you like that sort of stuf like I do!!


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