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  • Will the real Eduard Khil’ (trololo man) please stand up? Yes!

    Wonderful to see that the original  trololo man Eduard Khil’ is still very much alive and well, and enjoying his internet fame (a recent comment called him the ‘Jesus Christ of Youtube’). Here he is on a Russian TV programme watching clips from Youtube of other people imitating the Trololo song. And it’s another reason […]

  • Trololo, it’s meme heaven

    Thanks to Maria via Facebook for this one: And if you’re thinking what on EARTH is that, that’s just what I thought, while recognizing instantly that this had all the ingredients of an internet meme. So many thanks to the awesome www.knowyourmeme.com, here’s the whole history of the Trololo meme, complete with graphs and explanation.  […]

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