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Polonaise and mazurka: the ultimate internet resource page


This is probably the most wonderful site I’ve ever come across in the very specialised world of music for dance: a page of links to the the content of Polish Dances, the complete written works of Raymond Cwieka. Hundreds and … Continue reading

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Great Zotero tips


Zotero fans – here’s some great tips, even though they’re from 2008: 12 must know Zotero tips and techniques from The Ideophone. I still think that one of the best short introductions to Zotero is this guide from The Old … Continue reading

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Glad to see the new Roadhug campaign to get people to be nice to vulnerable road users by thinking of them as people you know, rather than just anonymous obstacles in your way. The people who present the most danger … Continue reading

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‘Digital natives’? I don’t buy it


I can’t usually watch more than two minutes of a televised debate without fast forwarding or switching off altogether, but I was completely hooked by all 100 minutes of the ‘Are We Making Monsters?’ debate at ENO with Will Self, … Continue reading

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جوناثان ستيل


Given that I come from a generation where if you wanted italics, you had to change the daisy wheel on the printer, I’m still amazed at how easily computers and the web deal with international fonts. Looking through my site … Continue reading

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This time, Slovenia: A geography lesson for Telegraph readers


‘Working class pupils ‘perform better in Slovenia than in UK‘ is the headline of  an astonishingly crass article in today’s Telegraph.  I can’t be bothered to regurgitate all the reasons it’s stupid, since I already had to do this last … Continue reading

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