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Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive


It’s not often that I get really excited about a dance website, but this is one HUGE mother of an exception. Launched today (I think) the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive site has excerpts of dance performances going back to the … Continue reading

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Francophone music criticism online


Francophone Music Criticism is an online collection of just that, from the period 1789-1914.  Lots of stuff very well organized and all searchable and browsable. Because of the period and the country, it means that there is a significant amount … Continue reading

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RIP the Loudness War – apparently


Interesting article from Mix, proclaiming the end of the loudness war, Mastering engineers often  aim to make songs sound louder because louder equals ‘better’  when you’re fighting for listeners. Radio stations use the technique it at the broadcast stage, Classic … Continue reading

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In praise of the book…and the pencil


I think I could become a fan of Google’s new Think Quarterly. My favourite bit so far is from Guy Laurence,  CEO of Vodafone UK, telling a  cautionary joke about the value of simplicity: I like simplicity in life. I … Continue reading

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Make money from music? Go on tour.


Interesting article from ArsTechnica Did file-sharing cause recording industry collapse? Economists say no.  Researchers from LSE have looked at some of the claims about the negative effects of file sharing and the digital economy on the music industry, and found … Continue reading

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Copyright, downloading and the Digital Economy Act


After all those scary tales of people being fined gazillions of pounds for downloading music illegally, here’s a rather more enjoyable tale of how a judge threw  the book at ACS:Law for threatening to take people to court without any … Continue reading

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