The not so swinging 60s

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Gypsy Creams (via Metafilter) is a collection of scanned articles and adverts from women’s magazines of the 1960s with commentary by Tanya Jones. I can’t wait for her to post more, as I’ve now read every single entry in the site. It’s strangely addictive looking at fragments from a past that is so remote and ludicrous at times that you’d think someone made it up, except of course, it’s actually my past. There are so many gems it’s hard to choose a favourite, but Drink!Amplex ‘internal deodorant’ pills, and Skinny are just a few of mine. Also worth reading the article on Tonic Wines from the Pharmaceutical Journal that a reader left a link to under the ‘Drink’ entry. Meat and Bovril wine anyone?

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