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The Ayn Rand cult


One of the decisions I regret most in life is opting to take Ayn Rand’s novel The Fountainhead to Crete with me as holiday reading a few years ago. I’d never heard of it until I read about it in … Continue reading

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100 London moments that shook the world (Time Out)


This is what RSS feeds are for – to make sure you don’t miss a great feature like Time Out’s 100 London moments that shook the world

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The bifurcating waltz, moths & Van der Merwe


Warning: this post may contain traces of moth Spent the day at Senate House Library (the music bit), on one of my regular-ish trawls for new stuff to include in modules about music for dance teaching. It’s a very odd … Continue reading

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And how not to spend £10


According to Mark Monahan, in his review of Divas for the Telegraph. And you thought I was mean.

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LIMS at Excel


This week got better as it went on, and ended definitely upbeat with a visit to the education day at the London International Music Show at Excel. Music technology just gets better and better too: as Arthur C. Clarke would … Continue reading

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Tooting wildlife


Anyone know what this terrifying looking thing is?

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