Thank you, Mobile Cycle Service!

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Picture it – two miles from work on the Friday morning before a bank holiday, and the back axle on my bike snapped. On the 50-minute trek from Wandsworth common to Battersea, I had plenty of time to consider the options – take the afternoon off to get it back to the shop in Earlsfield which I know will probably do it overnight. Spend the morning ringing round bike shops near Battersea, who – if they do repairs at all, probably won’t touch it until at least Wednesday next week; cancelling my lunch date and walking the bike there won’t be fun either. Leave the bike at work til Tuesday, and deal with it then – and be bikeless over the bank holiday and Tuesday morning. It all sucks, whichever way you look at it.

The day that started out so badly ended on a high, after I discovered a brilliant mobile bike repair service that solved all my problems in no time at all and restored my faith and wonder in human nature, bikes and Londoners. When I got to work I googled ‘mobile bicycle repairs’, found Mobile Cycle Service, got straight through to Dan (pictured here repairing my bike on site at work) who asked a few questions, arranged to fix it later in the afternoon for a very reasonable price, turned up with a car full of tools and parts, did the job quickly and expertly, and tuned up the gears while he was at it. Nice bloke, fantastic service. Here’s my tip – put the numbers in your phone now!

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