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Distraction, “the Attentional Commons” and Birmingham


Birmingham New Street: the attentional commons colonized by commerce It so happened that while I was reading about a concept of the “attentional commons,” I was staying right next door to a building that perfectly illustrated the problem that Matthew … Continue reading

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Daniel Levitin on the perils of multitasking


“Instead of reaping the big rewards that come from sustained, focused effort, we instead reap empty rewards from completing a thousand little sugar-coated tasks.” That’s a quote from a great article in the Guardian about multitasking by Daniel Levitin, Why the … Continue reading

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Laptops in the classroom and multi-tasking


The case for banning laptops in the classroom is a blog by Dan Rockmore in the New Yorker on the surprising proposal by one of the lecturers to ban  laptops in programming classes  at Dartmouth.  I say ‘surprising’, but it doesn’t actually surprise … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking and supertasking


As you’ll know if you read my blog, I’ve got a thing about multi-tasking – I think it’s a dangerous myth, and I’ll post anything I find to keep debunking it. Here’s another, though from an unusual angle: Meet the … Continue reading

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The problem with reading online


Four years ago, I started an MA in music education at the Institute of Education in London. The first module was on the philosophy and aesthetics of music, and included the kind of books that I had been avoiding for … Continue reading

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Multi-tasking, phones & phenomenology


I never expected to see four fixations of mine (multi-tasking, the dangers of driving while phoning, phenomenology, and dance) come together in a single scholarly article, but today’s the day. The latest issue of Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences is … Continue reading

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